Saturday, June 11, 2011

san clemente, ca

how better to celebrate david's sabbatical than to take a fun family trip? we packed up and flew over to cali (on route to seattle for a friend's wedding). we stayed with our friends the thrash's in san clemente. it was so fun. it was a full house with their 2 kids and our 2. we had hazel, harper, hank and huck. they were super great hosts. we got so caught up in the awesome weather. man, it is a rude awakening here in nashville at 97 degrees. anywho...

our first night in cali we had a taco picnic on the beach. it was yummy and fun!

we did lots of exploring this beautiful little town.

harper loved hazel's toys and sandbox. thanks for sharing so well hazel!!

we took some not very good family pics.

we met up with our friend vern who is an old leader that is now a marine officer in cali.

and of course we did some bible reading.


Megan Stephens said...

looks like ya'll are having an awesome summer! glad you get to have some get-away-from-nashville time! love that sweet family of yours. can't wait to see you guys!

VivaGood said...

I love San Clemente! We live so close to there... only about 30 minutes south. Looks like a great trip! Was Disneyland crowded? We have 2 tickets to use but didn't want to hit the summer crowds.