Thursday, June 16, 2011

hello, seattle.

our last stop on our northwest adventure was seattle, wa for our friend mark wagner's wedding. david had wedding stuff to do the first couple days we were there. we had fun visiting my friend meghan who lives in portland that drove out to meet us.
we had to wear ALL of our clothes because it was so cold.

we also bummed around the house a little bit. traveling takes a lot out of you!

we went to the children's museum.

after the wedding we did some serious sight seeing. we heard that seattle has about 30 GREAT days a year. and i think we got 3 of them. it was so beautiful.

gorgeous, huh?

pike's market!

a PINK poodle!
fish throwing

we are happy to be home! but what a fun time we had making some memories. but back to life we go. sleep training for the little bean. i had forgotten how awful it really is. but he is taking it like a champ! and harper is back to 'big girl school' as we call it. which is hardly what it really is. it is only on thursday and only from 9-2. but thank goodness she loves it so much. it is much needed for me as well. i'm not sure what else the summer off holds for us just yet. we are really enjoying David being home all day everyday. i think it will be a rude awakening come august. happy humidity to you!

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