Tuesday, April 10, 2012


elmo easter eggs. church at midtown. brunch at the opryland hotel. a scary easter bunny. (oh and an annoying mom with a new camera lens.) such a great easter. he is risen. thankful that history was changed forever.
anticipating her new pink nail polish.
harper was on her way up to see the easter bunny. she stopped right after i took this picture. you can tell by her face was wasn't going to go any further.
obviously huck wasn't too excited about meeting him either. my favorite thing is that he is still trying to touch the bunny but screaming at the same time.

Monday, April 9, 2012

crazy girl!!!!

i was on the phone with a friend the other day and i was trying to explain that harper was in one of her crazy moods. she gets hyper and silly and loud and well, like a 3 year old. i finally was able to record this little gem of harper being crazy. she is out of breath because she had been doing this for like 5 full minutes already. and i wish you could hear how loud she is. this could be one of those videos that only me and david think is funny...and i'm totally ok with that. enjoy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

our last day at the beach

our last day at the beach we spent with our friends the maxwells. they rented a house on a really private beach. we fed the birds, which was actually really amazing. these seagulls would catch the bread in mid air and hover right over your head. pretty crazy. harper loved and hated it all at the same time.
of course we had more cupcakes. and opened some presents. luckily the maxwell boys (wyatt, rudy & hadley) helped eat and sing. we played some baseball at a park near by. it was an all day birthday celebration. so fun. thanks maxwell family for loving on our family!
traveling with little ones is always a little bit touch and go. harper always seems to be whiny and melting down all the time. huck's sleeping was CRAZY the first 3 nights. which is standard protocol for him. any time we are somewhere new...i plan on not sleeping much the first couple nights. even though the first couple days were rough, this is how i picture my two on our beach trip. marveling at the roaring water. the blue sky. the white sand. the big waves. soaking in god's master piece.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


we pulled into panama city and we couldn't park fast enough for harper. she couldn't WAIT to put her feet in the sand.

chasing littlest otter around was a full time job. he is fearless. he was dive bombing holes the big kids dug. he was crawling at full speed straight for the ocean at all times. he was eating sand. BUT it was so fun that they were both having so much fun. we had to take a bath every time we came in. sand EVERY WHERE. i thought having a crawler would be hard...and huck was active, but it was really fun.

a really sweet thing about this trip was that all the fra baseball families were there. and harper made some friends that were so incredibly sweet to her. i should have taken more pictures of them together (but normally huck was trying to go for a swim during all my photo-ops). sarah, mason and patrick all go to middle school at fra and have brothers that play on the baseball team. they dug lots of big holes and built lots of sand castles. my two were worn out every day!
thanks for the memories fra and pcb! we enjoyed you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

harper turns 3!

we went to the beach for harper's birthday! very extravagant. just kidding, david had a baseball tournament there. he is a yl leader and a baseball coach at fra. they had a tournament in panama city beach, fl. yep - you guessed it...during the height of spring break season. it was wild and crazy. but it was a free trip to the beach for us. it actually worked out awesome. we had a 2 bedroom condo with a short walk to the beach. and we were coming in for naps when all the crazies were waking up to hit the beach. stay tuned for more pictures from that trip. but harper turned 3 while we were there, which is great because she LOVES the beach. she actually wept when we left. (all drama ALL the time.) we decorated our condo so that when she woke up it would look like a party!

obviously she ate a cupcake for breakfast. is there any other way to kick off a birthday celebration?

she got some new sunnies for her big day. it doesn't get much cuter than those things.

she also tried cotton candy for the first time. she was a little confused by it. it is pretty weird.

she also got a kite that we flew out on the beach which was so fun. but next thing we knew...the string broke and bye bye kite. oops.

this was the big hit at our condo. the tv cabinet was the perfect size to get in and close the doors. hours of fun. literally.

happy happy sweet thang. you continue to fill our home with songs and laughter and silliness.