Sunday, April 8, 2012

our last day at the beach

our last day at the beach we spent with our friends the maxwells. they rented a house on a really private beach. we fed the birds, which was actually really amazing. these seagulls would catch the bread in mid air and hover right over your head. pretty crazy. harper loved and hated it all at the same time.
of course we had more cupcakes. and opened some presents. luckily the maxwell boys (wyatt, rudy & hadley) helped eat and sing. we played some baseball at a park near by. it was an all day birthday celebration. so fun. thanks maxwell family for loving on our family!
traveling with little ones is always a little bit touch and go. harper always seems to be whiny and melting down all the time. huck's sleeping was CRAZY the first 3 nights. which is standard protocol for him. any time we are somewhere new...i plan on not sleeping much the first couple nights. even though the first couple days were rough, this is how i picture my two on our beach trip. marveling at the roaring water. the blue sky. the white sand. the big waves. soaking in god's master piece.

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