Saturday, April 7, 2012


we pulled into panama city and we couldn't park fast enough for harper. she couldn't WAIT to put her feet in the sand.

chasing littlest otter around was a full time job. he is fearless. he was dive bombing holes the big kids dug. he was crawling at full speed straight for the ocean at all times. he was eating sand. BUT it was so fun that they were both having so much fun. we had to take a bath every time we came in. sand EVERY WHERE. i thought having a crawler would be hard...and huck was active, but it was really fun.

a really sweet thing about this trip was that all the fra baseball families were there. and harper made some friends that were so incredibly sweet to her. i should have taken more pictures of them together (but normally huck was trying to go for a swim during all my photo-ops). sarah, mason and patrick all go to middle school at fra and have brothers that play on the baseball team. they dug lots of big holes and built lots of sand castles. my two were worn out every day!
thanks for the memories fra and pcb! we enjoyed you.

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