Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Friday, December 4, 2009

cat nap

harper took a cat nap while we were at a hoe down right in front of an awesome bonfire.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

baby einstein

so baby girl loves her some baby einstein. this is how excited she gets. keep in mind that this is just when the dvd starts and the little inch worm inches across the screen to say it is about to begin.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

our little soccer player?

so harper's favorite thing to do (much to my back's dismay) is to walk around while we hold her hands. she's not too excited about crawling, so maybe she will skip that part all together. she still hates being on her stomach unless it is to sleep. but she is showing strong signs of being a great soccer player. move over mia hamm!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

our lil sweet pea

harper got to spend her first halloween at sharp top cove in jasper, ga! she was a sweet pea...of course :)

this is our friend coley as minnie mouse. she goes to Father Ryan and she LOOOOVES harper. coley had a great weekend at camp, besides doing the zip line in a batgirl cape in the freezing cold...she asked some really great questions about jesus. and really shared her heart in cabin time. i pray that coley really understands that god wants a personal relationship with her. that he is bigger than tradition and religion and that he died on the cross for her. that even if she were the ONLY one, he still would have died on the cross for her. i loved watching her have the best weekend of her life at sharptop.

this is what we do every morning. harper still has not participated in 'fall back'. so we get up EXTRA early. she tries to wake up for the morning around 5:15am. but we don't let that happen until around 6am. anyway, we get all bundled up and sit outside on our bench and watch the world go by.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

summer to winter

the air is getting COLD. i believe we went from summer to winter over night. but i love it. i love the changing of seasons. watching the leaves turn amazing colors. it has rained more than ever in nashville. so when the sun actually comes out of the clouds it is glorious. i sat outside on our porch this morning with harper just to feel the sun warm my feet. in a weird way, even though the leaves are falling, it seems like new life out there. maybe it is the grass longer than ever thanks to the rain. maybe it is the bright red leaves. maybe it is harper growing like a weed. it is amazing to watch her develop into a little girl right before my eyes. grabbing for things. getting mad for taking something away. even starting to walk as we hold her up. it is so awesome to watch it. to see the lord's handy work. it is literally a masterpiece. we are his masterpiece. and i love it. it gives me hope that there is still beauty out there in this scary world that we live in. there is still beauty. life. and hope. sometimes i look at her and it takes my breath away. i am overwhelmed with love for this little girl. her beauty. her innocence. i get to see god's masterpiece everyday.

harper is ready for winter in her new hat!

this is all harper does when i try to feed her baby food. she takes 2 bites then sucks her thumb. so then it gets all over her face. awesome.

harper's first day at the nursery at church

Saturday, October 10, 2009

new teeth and new boots

look close...harper has her 2 bottom teeth coming in. and this is one of her favorite things...her jumper.

mimi and poppi's house is coming along. it should be done in december. but we will have to patiently wait for them to move until march.

we finally are liking solids..thanks to bananas! like mother, like daughter. she isn't sure about any of the other stuff, but she will MEAL on some bananas. yum!!

harper will be keeping those little toes warm in style this fall!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sitting up

my name is harper...i am 6 months old...and i sit up ALL BY MYSELF!


oh, and by the way...i think my mom is really funny.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

big girl tricks

Harper has lots of new big girl tricks. she started eating like a big girl. i use the term 'eating' loosely. she doesn't really like rice cereal yet. but we keep trying.

She is ready for something...she just wasn't sure what it was.

I normally find most of her rice cereal in the bib pocket at the bottom. She always just sticks her tongue out so that I can't get the spoon in her mouth.

She also has found both of her feet.

And is rolling over...


Monday, August 24, 2009

harper's close up

my sweet friend jenny black took pictures of our little family of 3 today. harper still didn't really want to smile much, but we pulled it out of her. i can't believe that she is 5 months. i mean, i can. the bags under my eyes say so. but it really is easy to forget the hard stuff when i look at how sweet she is. it's funny how even the little things are SO exciting. she has been rolling over. no big deal, right? WRONG. we love it. we see the Lord in her so clearly. this perfect little being. our hearts overflow with love for her. she is a picture of how the lord loves us. what a fun 5 months! here are a couple pictures from our photo shoot...

harper's close up 2

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

harper goes to the beach

harper got her first chance to feel the sand between her toes! we packed up and drove to surf side beach last week. we spent the week with david's family. lots of card games, yummy food, and NO WORK!! it was pretty dreamy. i am hoping to get some more pictures from grams but until then...

last but not least, this is harper in her bumbo chair. she always seem to look like she is in a recliner. it's pretty awesome. i like to call it the redneck babysitter because she can't get out of it. she has to just sit there.

windy gap

so, i'm playing a little bit of catch up here. but here are a couple of pictures from our month at windy gap. my friend ellie snapped some pictures of me and harper after an afternoon at the pool.

these pictures crack me up because it looks like harper is posing for these pictures that david took. i love it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

fun at the beach!

harper took her first trip to the beach last week. here is a little video of some silly play time at dinner.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and we have found our voice

harper's new favorite thing...SCREECHING. she loves it!

happy baby?

so harper is a happy, smiley baby. and our sweet friend jamie jamie jamie as i like to call him took some pictures of her last month at windy gap. wouldn't you know that little girl WOULDN't crack even the smallest smile. you win some you lose some i guess. none the less, here are a couple shots. i'm still waiting on the disk to see all of them.

p.s. she was more interested in feeling the grass on her feet. a girl after my own heart.

Friday, July 17, 2009

happy birthday uncle andy!!

Uncle Andy...we love you. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

more bath time

Here are a couple more pictures...
Harper loves to stick out her tongue!
And this is her new bath for our time at Windy Gap...the sink. She has this hilarious little thing she lays on in there that looks like a baby lawn chair.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

week 2 done.

what's harper been up to? well, besides enjoying young life camp...she also does lots of fist chewing, sticking out her tongue and SMILING! she is very popular at windy gap. here is a little snap shot of her in action right after her bath.
on a side note, i met a camper this week on her first day here. her name is kelsey and she has a 10 month old baby at home. we quickly bonded because of harper. it was sweet to hang out with her some all week. she needed her baby fix every day, so we would sit and talk about life. life for her is pretty hard as a high school student, working full time and as a mom. the dad isn't in the picture and she is trying to get some child support from him. what a gift for her to be able to come to windy gap and just be a 17 year old for an entire week. her mom and a friend is watching her little boy for the week. i literally have seen her come from death to life this week. i loved watching her in club singing her heart out with her friends. but more than anything i loved watching her walk through that door in the new christians walk and giving her a big hug in celebration of her new life with christ. please pray for her as she returns home tonight. life for her at home is drastically different. she returns to her sweet baby, but a busy full life of providing for him by herself. life won't be about her anymore after today. i pray that she brings jesus home with her. that he transforms her. and in that transforms her baby. what a beautiful picture....her new life can change her son's life too. i pray that she shares jesus' love with him.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

windy gap

we made it to windy gap! and week 1 is done. week 1 is always tiring. i don't think david sat down to eat a meal once. but i always forget how amazing young life camp is. i love leading club music with david. the view is awesome. i normally just to pick a few kids to watch through out the week. this week i spotted 2 guys that looked almost pissed to be here. not sure how, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. but they wouldn't even crack a smile during club songs. no hand clapping, no swaying...even during songs like 'I Don't Want To Miss Anything'. I mean, COME ON. but it was so fun to see them change this week. i could literally see their hearts changing. but the last club they were smiling and singing loud. it was awesome. people just seem more alive here, and i get a front row view of it each night from stage. God is moving out here in big ways. anyway, harper is adjusting really well. she loves being outside, walking around camp. well, she doesn't walk so much...but she LOVES chilling in the baby bjorn. so many new things. the flu has been going around camp, so we have to be really careful. lots of hand washing. so if you think to pray for us, pray that harper will remain healthy. so far, so good. much love to you all. i hope to be taking more pictures soon, we are finally into a groove out here.