Thursday, October 22, 2009

summer to winter

the air is getting COLD. i believe we went from summer to winter over night. but i love it. i love the changing of seasons. watching the leaves turn amazing colors. it has rained more than ever in nashville. so when the sun actually comes out of the clouds it is glorious. i sat outside on our porch this morning with harper just to feel the sun warm my feet. in a weird way, even though the leaves are falling, it seems like new life out there. maybe it is the grass longer than ever thanks to the rain. maybe it is the bright red leaves. maybe it is harper growing like a weed. it is amazing to watch her develop into a little girl right before my eyes. grabbing for things. getting mad for taking something away. even starting to walk as we hold her up. it is so awesome to watch it. to see the lord's handy work. it is literally a masterpiece. we are his masterpiece. and i love it. it gives me hope that there is still beauty out there in this scary world that we live in. there is still beauty. life. and hope. sometimes i look at her and it takes my breath away. i am overwhelmed with love for this little girl. her beauty. her innocence. i get to see god's masterpiece everyday.

harper is ready for winter in her new hat!

this is all harper does when i try to feed her baby food. she takes 2 bites then sucks her thumb. so then it gets all over her face. awesome.

harper's first day at the nursery at church

Saturday, October 10, 2009

new teeth and new boots

look close...harper has her 2 bottom teeth coming in. and this is one of her favorite things...her jumper.

mimi and poppi's house is coming along. it should be done in december. but we will have to patiently wait for them to move until march.

we finally are liking solids..thanks to bananas! like mother, like daughter. she isn't sure about any of the other stuff, but she will MEAL on some bananas. yum!!

harper will be keeping those little toes warm in style this fall!!