Sunday, June 28, 2009

windy gap

we made it to windy gap! and week 1 is done. week 1 is always tiring. i don't think david sat down to eat a meal once. but i always forget how amazing young life camp is. i love leading club music with david. the view is awesome. i normally just to pick a few kids to watch through out the week. this week i spotted 2 guys that looked almost pissed to be here. not sure how, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. but they wouldn't even crack a smile during club songs. no hand clapping, no swaying...even during songs like 'I Don't Want To Miss Anything'. I mean, COME ON. but it was so fun to see them change this week. i could literally see their hearts changing. but the last club they were smiling and singing loud. it was awesome. people just seem more alive here, and i get a front row view of it each night from stage. God is moving out here in big ways. anyway, harper is adjusting really well. she loves being outside, walking around camp. well, she doesn't walk so much...but she LOVES chilling in the baby bjorn. so many new things. the flu has been going around camp, so we have to be really careful. lots of hand washing. so if you think to pray for us, pray that harper will remain healthy. so far, so good. much love to you all. i hope to be taking more pictures soon, we are finally into a groove out here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

hiccup whiplash

harper gets the hiccups at least 2 times a day. she is pretty sick of them at this point. but they still seem to surprise her. she kind of gets hiccup whiplash every time.