Monday, July 30, 2012

horse back riding

the kids got to ride horses while we were at crooked creek ranch. harper jumped up on her horse like a natural. it wasn't her first time. she was so excited about it!

it's probably a little bit hard to tell, but that's huck under that helmet. it was huge on him.

lowery beth had a rodeo party while we were there for her 4th birthday. it was super fun. the kids played all the rodeo games that the campers do on rodeo night. they took a hay ride up to the horse barn.

we call rebecca long the child whisperer. all the kids LOVED her. she has such a sweet spirit.

the shovel pull. and carson long gets some serious air.

the birthday girl doing the dizzy bat. she didn't even fall over running back.

mr & mrs big rig! brittany was our resident babysitter. she is AWESOME!

harper is a big talker. i thought she was really going to feed the horses. but she didn't want to. she was clingy to david for dear life.

okay everybody, make a silly face...and hurry up, the storm is moving in!!! right when we got back it started raining. fun party lulu!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

b.e.s.t. friend

harp pretty much had a melt down all day the day before we left camp. she was so sad. she didn't want to go. she wanted to get to go to club. to carnival. to opera. and even see the funny guys every day at dinner. but most of all she said she was going to miss her best friend, cam. i love that kids wear their emotions for all to see. yes, it can be exhausting...but it is beautiful. cam accardi, you are loved in nashville!

Friday, July 20, 2012

crooked creek ranch :: the night that never ends

i can't believe my first pictures in CO were on night 4 of week 1. that means we had been there for OVER a week. i should have taken some pictures of our not so kid friendly hotel room the first night. or the really fun buckets we rode into winter park the first weekend we were there before we moved into camp. we went swimming in winter park at a rec center...and i wish i had taken a picture of the huge water slide huck did over and over. no, he didn't do it by himself and no he didn't go under water at all, but he couldn't get enough of it. and it was MASSIVE. my little renegade. oh well, on to bigger and better things.
meet luke and duke larue. they saved crooked creek ranch from The Big Rig each week. they are heros! but seriously, david and devon were FUNNY! and that comes from the wife that doesn't really think her husband is all that funny.

this is what i saw most often at camp. my two littles sitting in front of the window together, watching all the high school kids at camp. harp loved to say hi to everyone passing by. it was pretty cute.

harper called this her cowgirl outfit. i thought she would be sick of this outfit by week 4 of wearing it once a week, nope. she loved it. and always asked to wear her pigtails to bed.

my two checking out Tableau. kind of a crazy word if you don't know anything about YL camp. Tableau - a vivid graphic scene of a group of people arranged as in a painting. all the work crew (high school kids there working for 4 weeks) and summer staff (college kids working for 4 weeks) were part of the tableau and are frozen to depict this painting. it is basically a western scene...hence my kids outfits.

harp and lu lu. lowery beth wiggins and harper played a lot together. we are hoping they are going to be roommates at auburn one day. if out. if and when they finally join forces they could probably run that place. talk about BOSSY!

i had to post those two. harper LOVES her daddy the most. and look at those 'high lights.' i love that red in her hair.

i'm not sure it gets any cuter than carhartts on a little.

here are just some of the kids that were there with us for 4 weeks. it was very hectic with so many of them...but i will say it was the most laid back easy to be with people as far as parenting goes. which is a huge blessing since we are all together for so long and in such close quarters.

you will be seeing this picture a lot. i love it.

night 4 is called the night the never ends. it is honestly the best night of some of the high school kids lives. literally...i'm not exaggerating. they start with a fun YL club and the truth of the gospel in the morning. they have free time. they get to dress up. they have an AWESOME dinner. they go to a carnival built by the summer staff where they get to play carnival games and pie their YL leaders. then they go to the 'opera' and see the hero's save camp which is normally full of funny stuff. then they go straight to a square dance that goes into a dance party. good clean fun. most high schoolers don't even know what good clean fun is. it's so fun to see kids get to be kids. it's a magical night.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

stay tuned for our month of fun...

i have been soaking up the time at home after a month in fraser, co. we all literally slept until 9am this morning. that is unheard of in our house. we are still not unpacked. and we haven't really left our house much the last 3 days. all the old toys are new again. and really, we are all just exhausted. we went non stop for 4 full weeks. we had so much fun. we made new friends, had sweet times with old friends, rode horses, celebrated birthday parties, and enjoyed the CO weather ALL day. i have been editing the pictures from our big month at crooked creek ranch. i have lots to post, but really haven't wanted to make the time for it. but they are coming...until then...