Monday, December 27, 2010

the ott/fowler family christmas

every year we go to a cabin with david's mom side of the family. we all have so much fun. we laugh. we eat. we play games. we rest. it's great. here are lots of pictures from the good times.

this little guy is just dreamy. and he put up with harper stealing every toy he had in his hands all weekend. we love every second that we get with cousin benjamin. it is so fun to see harper and benjamin play together.

we made jerseys. we played hard. we 'slid' hard. and some even came close to peeing their pants. it was EPIC! here is the fam before the First Annual Wiffle Ball game. Team Ott vs. Team Fowler. Amazing.

Charlotte's 'slide' was unreal. way to go ALLLLLL out!!

Nanna is 78 and still going strong. i don't know many 78 year olds that would play in a wiffle game. Awesome.

those blue eyes are just TOO much. and he has the sweetest smile. it's crazy to think that our new little guy will be benjamin's age next christmas. whoa. slow down father time!

it was pretty chilly during the game, but these two were troopers. p.s. harper won't keep gloves on her hands...but she LOVES to have socks on them. hmmmm, not sure...but whatever works!!

Thanks Sharptop Cove. It was soooo fun.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

name that tune...

home for christmas

christmas morning was so fun in our house for the first time. we loved it and i'm sure it only gets better. here are some pictures that we captured of our little girl.

santa came with his 3 gifts for harper!!!

harper is rounding the corner...
'i'm just going to send a couple emails on my new 'puter' that santa brought.'
'and now i'm going to take elmo for a drive.'

so so much fun! i have some more really fun pictures from our christmas at sharptop with david's family. stay tuned...wishing you a happy day after christmas. we are enjoying some coffee from our new coffee maker while introducing harper to beauty and the beast on this snowy morning. magical.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry and happy!

this video is a couple weeks old...but we picked out our very first tree this year. we got to wake up in our own home this Christmas morning. SO SO SO fun. i'll be sure to add more photos and video of it. it was kind of magical really. the best Christmas gift for me was that Harper slept until 8:15!!! and we woke up to a white Christmas. we read the story of jesus' birth in luke to our little girl...then we ran around the hall way to see what santa had left. it was perfect. is us picking out our very first tree. more christmas video and pics to come.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

what's harper up to?

our little sassy pants is turning into a little girl right before our eyes. she is still a little busy bee. what's she up to? well, her words keep multiplying before my ears. she repeats everything! one of my favorite things that she does right now is to lick her finger when she turns the page of a book. it's so funny to see her imitate everything we do. but this is just too much. i died laughing the first time she did it almost in disbelief. but sure enough i realized i was licking my finger to turn the page in a magazine and there she was following me. she is a little character! she LOVES singing. we are still singing the 'abc-we's' a lot. she loves to color, dance, read and even help around the house. she likes sesame street and to put on our shoes and walk all around the house. and to be chased around the house. she says stuff like 'oh man!' and 'i you' which means i love you. her new favorite friend is one of my great friends Holli (known now in our house as Ho-We). we have loved teaching her about Christmas and the birth of Jesus. and we are SO excited that we will get to wake up in our own house Christmas morning. we are preparing to move this little chickadee to a big girl bed and i just can't believe we are there already.
i am relishing her independence (most of the time) because in 2.5 short months we will be back to infantville. ahhhh. but we can't wait to meet this little boy!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

new family pics!

my sweet friend emily gary took some fun new family pics of us. she did such a great job! if you need some pictures taken, you should look her up:

here is a little preview...

war eagle hey!

my little auburn tiger...she was SO excited we beat bama tonight!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bee wings...

who says halloween is only one day a year?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i love you.

no one ever told me how amazing it would be to hear 'i love you' from my little girl! gosh, it really is the sweetest thing. Here is a little snap shot:

and i just thought i would throw this video in for fun. harper loves coloring. and she loves singing. she has bits and pieces of the abc's. i can't believe she is SO big. me and david just went to a marriage retreat in colorado for 4 days. i swear i could see the 4 days that she aged when i got home. enjoy the abc-we's.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


i love halloween. i love hearing kids laugh through the streets. i love candy. i love going door to door meeting neighbors. i love dressing up. i love it all. it was really fun to take harper trick or treating tonight. she was sold at the first house because she got a tootsie pop. done and done. she ate that yummy goodness for 2/3rds of our trick or treating escapade. and when i say 'eatting' i really mean eat a little, rub a little in her hair, eat a little, wipe a little on her shirt, eat a little and then drool a lot. and we went to a pre-party that was sheer wild madness. but awesome. think 15 little kids in costumes...enough said. here is some video proof that we had the cutest little bee in town (side note: harper is watching herself in the mirror). and there is a clip of the fun pre-party. hope you had a fun one!!

we like...we like to party.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Benjamin came to visit!!

Harper's cousin came to visit!! Dan, Abby, and Benjamin packed up and flew from South Carolina to hang out with us for a weekend. It was so fun to watch Harper and Benjamin play. They might not be excited about this video in like 16 years, but they had fun splashing together in the bath. So fun having them here. It's amazing how far away South Carolina feels since they left. Miss you guys!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

harper gets baptized!

Harper got baptized over the weekend. It was a sweet day to see so many of our friends and family stand with us in prayer for her. And to hear her say 'amen' at the end of the prayer. can't.get.enough.of her.

Big surprise that she loved being on stage in front of everyone ;-)

Thanks Nanna & Papaw for the sweet cross for her big day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


we continue to be amazed at the ott household. harper is talking up a storm. she repeats everything (note to your language). she also is singing all the time. no need for the radio in our car! i had to video her saying 'elephant'. it is my fave and since her vocab keeps changing, she will probably be able to say it right soon. she is turning into a sweet little nuturing girl right in front of our eyes. and JUST in time. we are due with #2 in march. we find out on thursday if harp is going to have a sister or a brother. we'll keep you updated. in the meantime...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010


we are starting to eat by ourselves. we better find a working hose, FAST! this video doesn't show it in all it's glory, she is actually doing a GREAT job here. and she is eating rice or 'wice' which is loves.


Sorry for the rather long hiatus. I have a bum mac and so instead of trying to use it, getting frustrated, and throwing it off our deck...I just took some time away. :) But I think I'm back.

It's been awhile so here is a little update. Harper is EVERYWHERE. Talking up a storm. Every animal says "mooooo" for the time being. She likes to put on shows on our hearth. She will climb up there and sing a song and dance. She learned it from the big kids at camp this summer while we were at Sharptop for a month. She loved running around with all the older kids. I'm a little worried we may have a drama queen on our hands. Yikes! Or maybe she is just all girl. Although she loves to play in the dirt with sticks. So maybe there will be some redemption there for me. :) She is REALLY excited for Auburn and UT football. I mean, really excited. She is giving kisses like mad and we are loving every second of that!! She loves a show called Yo Gabba Gabba and literally says "gabba" all day long in hopes that she will get to watch it. Elmo comes in a close second. Here is a little video of what she has been up to lately.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Harp has down uh-oh, mommy, daddy, thank you, night night, duck and nose. All in her own way of course.

beach day 2.

Harper loves to 'run' with daddy.

Harper loved the grassy area by the pool. There was a lot of things to find like leaves and flowers and ANTS.

Just playin' with daddy in the pool.

Thanks Auntie Amber for the really cute dress! It's perfect for dinner for mom and dad's 3 year anniversary dinner!!

We ordered up a really pretty sunset over the dunes for our 3 year...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We are at the beach this week! Such a prefect time for a vacation for the Ott family. And Harper has loved it. We have TONS of pictures. Sorry to bore you.

We are staying in a friends condo at Water Sound. It is a resort type area right near Seaside and Watercolor. It is pretty swanky. Harper spent some time at the beach yesterday. And also did some pool time. Here are some pics.

At Water Sound they have preserved the dunes. They are amazing. There is surf thistle that grows in the sand and it smells SO good. We are on our way to the beach...

We got Harper a float for the pool and she just lounged in it. It was a hit. The water was really cold, but she didn't even bat an eye. That's how we raise 'em over here in the Ott house. :)

A video to come of Harper's favorite 'words'.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nashville is sunk...

So just in case you didn't get the memo...Nashville flooded. Yes. Nashville flooded. For real. The rainfall hit its highest ever here. And because of it, our city sunk. Lives have been lost. Damage to this city is catastrophic. The Opryland Hotel flooded. LP field flooded. Downtown Nashville flooded. But more importantly people's homes flooded. Most of our friends have significant damage. One of them reports at least $200,000 worth. There is a video that I watched that shows a satellite building from a school floating down the street. This is serious. Check it out: The Tennessean

Friday, April 30, 2010