Sunday, October 31, 2010


i love halloween. i love hearing kids laugh through the streets. i love candy. i love going door to door meeting neighbors. i love dressing up. i love it all. it was really fun to take harper trick or treating tonight. she was sold at the first house because she got a tootsie pop. done and done. she ate that yummy goodness for 2/3rds of our trick or treating escapade. and when i say 'eatting' i really mean eat a little, rub a little in her hair, eat a little, wipe a little on her shirt, eat a little and then drool a lot. and we went to a pre-party that was sheer wild madness. but awesome. think 15 little kids in costumes...enough said. here is some video proof that we had the cutest little bee in town (side note: harper is watching herself in the mirror). and there is a clip of the fun pre-party. hope you had a fun one!!

we like...we like to party.

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