Friday, November 16, 2012

the color run!

i did the color run in nashville with some friends a couple weeks ago.

the BEFORE pic

this is what the party AFTER the color run looks like

and this is what YOU look like after the color run

and this is what you DO after the color run
soooooo much fun.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

halloween in lenox village!

Ooooh, I still have a blog? We have had a million things going. Hence the hiatus. Instead of posting a million pictures of all that we have been doing since AUGUST (has it really been that long?) are pictures from Halloween. It was such a FUN night.

It's SUPERman!

Harper the bee (this is actually the same thing she wore 2 years ago...who knew this was the costume that keeps on giving!) and Aria. They really do love each other this much. So sweet.

Here is half our crew.
We also added another bee and an Incredible. We had two tiny munchkins too. One fresh out of the box that was all bundled up and one sleeping lion. I wish I had gotten a picture of those two. It was a little chaotic. In a really FUN way. Harper was in heaven with so many friends in ONE place. All the girls..

The boys getting some candy!

Obvisouly this was the beginning of the night. We ran to every door for about 20 minutes. Then they all slowed down.

This was my favorite picture I took all night.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

baby pools and sprinklers

the only thing to do when it is in a inflatable baby pool or in the sprinkler. so that's just what we did. i clearly don't know how to edit down the number of pictures i put on my blog. soooooo, here are a usual.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

pirate pool parties

crooked creek ranch has a HEATED pool. they even have to heat it in the summer. yes, for real. i envisioned us going swimming every day before we left for camp. then we got to CO at it was 70 degrees. believe me, i am not complaining! but getting out of a heated pool into a climate that has no 70 doesn't really feel like 70...was COLD. the last week we were there, boone ogle turned 4. he had a pirate pool party. we did pool olympics and had donuts and had lots fun with friends!

happy happy boone!

boone knows how to throw a party...just add lots of really FUN people.

oh, and how stinkin' cute are these two? olivia and josie ogle.

this is what harp did at the party. what a diva. but a cute one at that.

we had such a fun 4 weeks in colorado. harper keeps asking me: can we go to colorado next week? not that she has any idea what a week is. she is still singing club songs. and talking about her new friends. we are still struggling with this REALLY hot nashville weather. CO we miss you!

Monday, July 30, 2012

horse back riding

the kids got to ride horses while we were at crooked creek ranch. harper jumped up on her horse like a natural. it wasn't her first time. she was so excited about it!

it's probably a little bit hard to tell, but that's huck under that helmet. it was huge on him.

lowery beth had a rodeo party while we were there for her 4th birthday. it was super fun. the kids played all the rodeo games that the campers do on rodeo night. they took a hay ride up to the horse barn.

we call rebecca long the child whisperer. all the kids LOVED her. she has such a sweet spirit.

the shovel pull. and carson long gets some serious air.

the birthday girl doing the dizzy bat. she didn't even fall over running back.

mr & mrs big rig! brittany was our resident babysitter. she is AWESOME!

harper is a big talker. i thought she was really going to feed the horses. but she didn't want to. she was clingy to david for dear life.

okay everybody, make a silly face...and hurry up, the storm is moving in!!! right when we got back it started raining. fun party lulu!!