Monday, July 30, 2012

horse back riding

the kids got to ride horses while we were at crooked creek ranch. harper jumped up on her horse like a natural. it wasn't her first time. she was so excited about it!

it's probably a little bit hard to tell, but that's huck under that helmet. it was huge on him.

lowery beth had a rodeo party while we were there for her 4th birthday. it was super fun. the kids played all the rodeo games that the campers do on rodeo night. they took a hay ride up to the horse barn.

we call rebecca long the child whisperer. all the kids LOVED her. she has such a sweet spirit.

the shovel pull. and carson long gets some serious air.

the birthday girl doing the dizzy bat. she didn't even fall over running back.

mr & mrs big rig! brittany was our resident babysitter. she is AWESOME!

harper is a big talker. i thought she was really going to feed the horses. but she didn't want to. she was clingy to david for dear life.

okay everybody, make a silly face...and hurry up, the storm is moving in!!! right when we got back it started raining. fun party lulu!!

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