Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

baby pools and sprinklers

the only thing to do when it is in a inflatable baby pool or in the sprinkler. so that's just what we did. i clearly don't know how to edit down the number of pictures i put on my blog. soooooo, here are a usual.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

pirate pool parties

crooked creek ranch has a HEATED pool. they even have to heat it in the summer. yes, for real. i envisioned us going swimming every day before we left for camp. then we got to CO at it was 70 degrees. believe me, i am not complaining! but getting out of a heated pool into a climate that has no 70 doesn't really feel like 70...was COLD. the last week we were there, boone ogle turned 4. he had a pirate pool party. we did pool olympics and had donuts and had lots fun with friends!

happy happy boone!

boone knows how to throw a party...just add lots of really FUN people.

oh, and how stinkin' cute are these two? olivia and josie ogle.

this is what harp did at the party. what a diva. but a cute one at that.

we had such a fun 4 weeks in colorado. harper keeps asking me: can we go to colorado next week? not that she has any idea what a week is. she is still singing club songs. and talking about her new friends. we are still struggling with this REALLY hot nashville weather. CO we miss you!