Wednesday, November 14, 2012

halloween in lenox village!

Ooooh, I still have a blog? We have had a million things going. Hence the hiatus. Instead of posting a million pictures of all that we have been doing since AUGUST (has it really been that long?) are pictures from Halloween. It was such a FUN night.

It's SUPERman!

Harper the bee (this is actually the same thing she wore 2 years ago...who knew this was the costume that keeps on giving!) and Aria. They really do love each other this much. So sweet.

Here is half our crew.
We also added another bee and an Incredible. We had two tiny munchkins too. One fresh out of the box that was all bundled up and one sleeping lion. I wish I had gotten a picture of those two. It was a little chaotic. In a really FUN way. Harper was in heaven with so many friends in ONE place. All the girls..

The boys getting some candy!

Obvisouly this was the beginning of the night. We ran to every door for about 20 minutes. Then they all slowed down.

This was my favorite picture I took all night.

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