Monday, December 27, 2010

the ott/fowler family christmas

every year we go to a cabin with david's mom side of the family. we all have so much fun. we laugh. we eat. we play games. we rest. it's great. here are lots of pictures from the good times.

this little guy is just dreamy. and he put up with harper stealing every toy he had in his hands all weekend. we love every second that we get with cousin benjamin. it is so fun to see harper and benjamin play together.

we made jerseys. we played hard. we 'slid' hard. and some even came close to peeing their pants. it was EPIC! here is the fam before the First Annual Wiffle Ball game. Team Ott vs. Team Fowler. Amazing.

Charlotte's 'slide' was unreal. way to go ALLLLLL out!!

Nanna is 78 and still going strong. i don't know many 78 year olds that would play in a wiffle game. Awesome.

those blue eyes are just TOO much. and he has the sweetest smile. it's crazy to think that our new little guy will be benjamin's age next christmas. whoa. slow down father time!

it was pretty chilly during the game, but these two were troopers. p.s. harper won't keep gloves on her hands...but she LOVES to have socks on them. hmmmm, not sure...but whatever works!!

Thanks Sharptop Cove. It was soooo fun.

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