Thursday, December 9, 2010

what's harper up to?

our little sassy pants is turning into a little girl right before our eyes. she is still a little busy bee. what's she up to? well, her words keep multiplying before my ears. she repeats everything! one of my favorite things that she does right now is to lick her finger when she turns the page of a book. it's so funny to see her imitate everything we do. but this is just too much. i died laughing the first time she did it almost in disbelief. but sure enough i realized i was licking my finger to turn the page in a magazine and there she was following me. she is a little character! she LOVES singing. we are still singing the 'abc-we's' a lot. she loves to color, dance, read and even help around the house. she likes sesame street and to put on our shoes and walk all around the house. and to be chased around the house. she says stuff like 'oh man!' and 'i you' which means i love you. her new favorite friend is one of my great friends Holli (known now in our house as Ho-We). we have loved teaching her about Christmas and the birth of Jesus. and we are SO excited that we will get to wake up in our own house Christmas morning. we are preparing to move this little chickadee to a big girl bed and i just can't believe we are there already.
i am relishing her independence (most of the time) because in 2.5 short months we will be back to infantville. ahhhh. but we can't wait to meet this little boy!!

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Holly Priscilla said...

Aw! I remember when I used to be "Ho-yee" and "Hoddy"! Love her age.