Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We are at the beach this week! Such a prefect time for a vacation for the Ott family. And Harper has loved it. We have TONS of pictures. Sorry to bore you.

We are staying in a friends condo at Water Sound. It is a resort type area right near Seaside and Watercolor. It is pretty swanky. Harper spent some time at the beach yesterday. And also did some pool time. Here are some pics.

At Water Sound they have preserved the dunes. They are amazing. There is surf thistle that grows in the sand and it smells SO good. We are on our way to the beach...

We got Harper a float for the pool and she just lounged in it. It was a hit. The water was really cold, but she didn't even bat an eye. That's how we raise 'em over here in the Ott house. :)

A video to come of Harper's favorite 'words'.


gummybears. said...

i literally cannot STAND how cute you and your little family is, like, stop it. you guys kinda make me sick with jealousy.

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

I LOVE her swimsuit--she is absolutely adorable. So glad you guys got to take a vacation! I know you probably needed it worse than anyone!