Saturday, October 10, 2009

new teeth and new boots

look close...harper has her 2 bottom teeth coming in. and this is one of her favorite things...her jumper.

mimi and poppi's house is coming along. it should be done in december. but we will have to patiently wait for them to move until march.

we finally are liking solids..thanks to bananas! like mother, like daughter. she isn't sure about any of the other stuff, but she will MEAL on some bananas. yum!!

harper will be keeping those little toes warm in style this fall!!


Megan Stephens said...

Harper is maybe the coolest baby I have ever met. Bananas are one of God's greatest creations...I'm so glad she's learning that at a young age. plus, I might just have to send her a Bama bib...I saw that Auburn sad. I guess if all Auburn is good for is cleaning up bananas, it's ok. ha! ROLL TIDE!!! ha! love you Cam!

Grams said...

Love the boots and the banana covered face! Missing you guys sooo much

Love you