Saturday, July 4, 2009

week 2 done.

what's harper been up to? well, besides enjoying young life camp...she also does lots of fist chewing, sticking out her tongue and SMILING! she is very popular at windy gap. here is a little snap shot of her in action right after her bath.
on a side note, i met a camper this week on her first day here. her name is kelsey and she has a 10 month old baby at home. we quickly bonded because of harper. it was sweet to hang out with her some all week. she needed her baby fix every day, so we would sit and talk about life. life for her is pretty hard as a high school student, working full time and as a mom. the dad isn't in the picture and she is trying to get some child support from him. what a gift for her to be able to come to windy gap and just be a 17 year old for an entire week. her mom and a friend is watching her little boy for the week. i literally have seen her come from death to life this week. i loved watching her in club singing her heart out with her friends. but more than anything i loved watching her walk through that door in the new christians walk and giving her a big hug in celebration of her new life with christ. please pray for her as she returns home tonight. life for her at home is drastically different. she returns to her sweet baby, but a busy full life of providing for him by herself. life won't be about her anymore after today. i pray that she brings jesus home with her. that he transforms her. and in that transforms her baby. what a beautiful picture....her new life can change her son's life too. i pray that she shares jesus' love with him.


gummybears. said...

how awesome.

Erin said...

so glad you were there. It wasnt by accident that you didnt come to WFR with us, then got sent to WG - He knew Kelsey was coming and He had an appt. with her involving you! I cant think of anyone else better for her to spend time with - you bring such a sense of peace and calm to everyone you are around and I know that she needed that in her world of chaos back home. Welcome to the family, Kelsey!