Saturday, November 7, 2009

our lil sweet pea

harper got to spend her first halloween at sharp top cove in jasper, ga! she was a sweet pea...of course :)

this is our friend coley as minnie mouse. she goes to Father Ryan and she LOOOOVES harper. coley had a great weekend at camp, besides doing the zip line in a batgirl cape in the freezing cold...she asked some really great questions about jesus. and really shared her heart in cabin time. i pray that coley really understands that god wants a personal relationship with her. that he is bigger than tradition and religion and that he died on the cross for her. that even if she were the ONLY one, he still would have died on the cross for her. i loved watching her have the best weekend of her life at sharptop.

this is what we do every morning. harper still has not participated in 'fall back'. so we get up EXTRA early. she tries to wake up for the morning around 5:15am. but we don't let that happen until around 6am. anyway, we get all bundled up and sit outside on our bench and watch the world go by.

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