Monday, August 24, 2009

harper's close up

my sweet friend jenny black took pictures of our little family of 3 today. harper still didn't really want to smile much, but we pulled it out of her. i can't believe that she is 5 months. i mean, i can. the bags under my eyes say so. but it really is easy to forget the hard stuff when i look at how sweet she is. it's funny how even the little things are SO exciting. she has been rolling over. no big deal, right? WRONG. we love it. we see the Lord in her so clearly. this perfect little being. our hearts overflow with love for her. she is a picture of how the lord loves us. what a fun 5 months! here are a couple pictures from our photo shoot...


barbara said...

What beautiful pictures! She looks precious. And you two aren't bad either.

Marlys said...

These are my faves!