Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the no good, very bad, terrible flight

sorry for the blurry picture. it is only fitting. it's all in the title really. when we left san clemente, we boarded a flight to oakland. then one from oakland to seattle. little did we know that the last leg would go down in our history books as our worst flight ever (at least we hope). we should never have flown out the day after disney and no good naps. but we just didn't know. we were THOSE parents. we had no control of our 2 kids that were screaming. uggggg, exhausting. harper had the biggest tantrum of her life ON the plane. she was SO tired, screaming at the top of her lungs (no, really). david's sleeper hold just didn't do its job. how could that be possible? i finally got her to nap on my lap (a miracle in itself if you know harper) by singing none other than cumbaya. david finally got huck to sleep as well, but that wasn't before this lovely trail of events. i forgot to pack an extra shirt for, i'll never do that again. he had spit up massive quantities on his shirt twice and then low and behold he blows out a diaper. i had poop in 3 different places on my jeans and his shirt was covered. SOOOOO, huck spent the rest of the flight in DAVID'S t-shirt tied at the bottom like a gown. it was just kind of funny at that point. so funny that at the end of the flight the sweet woman behind said "wow, your kids did so good". and i literally said "ummmm, what??? are you deaf???" the poor couple that picked us up from the airport definitely could tell that they had stepped in a bee's nest with the look of my jeans and our poor 3 month old in his father's shirt. unreal.

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lindsay said...

i. love. this. SO MUCH.
Glad you had a great trip even if there was a brief bit of madness in there. miss you!