Thursday, June 30, 2011

our view lately

so my trusty site that i use to make fun picture collages with has been down the last couple days. and i KNEW that i wouldn't have much more free time in the next couple days. who knew this mom of 2 stuff and working from home would be this busy. wow. anywho, our only saving grace these really hot days is our $10 barbie pool we bought harper a couple weeks ago. she loves it, and we are fine to turn in our redneck cards and say that normally the 3 of us are in the pool (minus huck who is always on his 3rd nap when we 'pool')l. we feel like as long as either david or i says...'we look like the biggest rednecks', than maybe it will lessen the blow if someone actually calls us out on it. it is just too darn hot. happy sweating to you and yours.

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