Wednesday, November 5, 2008

keep my mind

keep my mind. keep my heart. grab them and hold them tight. help me to live one day at a time and at your command. i just want to do your will and seek it daily. nothing more and nothing less. but i just keep making a mess. prepare me for what's ahead, the blows to the heart and the traps in my head. keep my heart locked up until you so desire, not just when this loneliness begins to tire. make me a woman adorning with your grace. make me a woman full of your grace. make me a woman full of your faith. help me to love you full. to love you complete. the way you love me. put me in this world, working for your kingdom but living and breathing and sustaining only to be with you. my home is you. my love is you. my life is you. only you.

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