Thursday, November 13, 2008

and i will listen

'christ not only remembers us but remembers each one of us by name as surely as he remembered the good thief, and that he welcomes us to his table not in some sort of impersonal, churchly sense but as if the party wouldn't be complete without every last one of us.' Friedrich Buechner
-you call us by name. you battle for my heart. you are continually at the line fighting for me. you have each one of my days numbered and planned. you know my heart better than myself. let my spirit rest. let me live in your grip. in your open hand. you have taken care of it. you have planned my life so that if it at work for your glory. your love and grace pick me up out of sin. out of ugliness. out of hate and shortcomings. you call me by name. and i will listen.

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