Tuesday, November 4, 2008

covering and comforting

thank you for human love when it is sweet. when it is a close picture of you. when it is respectful and honoring and full and comforting. it reminds us of your goodness. thank you that human love isn't enough. that it isn't holy or complete. or sinless or selfless. thank you that only you love us in the right way. that when human love fails us, that you meet us there in the pain, in the incomplete, the hurt, the disappointment. you show us this pain because it creates a void that only you seep into and rectify. it creates a hole that you fit into and mold into something beautiful. your love is pure. righteous. sweet. strong. simple. covering. comforting. poetic. innocent. and most of all true. thank you for your beauty. your majesty. your almighty power. your forgiveness. for loving me with strength that overcomes my weakness.

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