Monday, January 12, 2009

you speak my name.

let me rest here in you. think about the beauty in the crisp morning air. the moon is still clear. you are big. you are sovereign. you refine me. even as i pull at you. seeking you for my own. seeking my own glory. my own voice. my own will. my own righteousness. and trying to do all this with my own power. i create this world around me that often looks pretty. flowery words. and even prideful humbleness. all you want is for me to step back. to turn my seeking to you alone. and for me to stop grabbing at you and taking only what i want. all you want is for me to let you in. to acknowledge your presence here amidst the discipline i try so hard to make look like you. it only looks like me. you stay. you press on for my heart. you love my heart even still. i am yours. you speak my name. you speak my name.

1 comment:

gummybears. said...

you have a way with words.
& way to my heart.