Thursday, January 22, 2009

drifting along

jesus, as i search for you in my decisions, in joy, in sorrow and along the road of patience, i find myself drifting along. i wish i could say that i fight for you always. the times when my pride says that my way is better than yours. i want to say that instead of giving in that i fight hard for your beauty in all things. that i fight for the you in me. the truth. that i seek your character and let it play out through me. but really i am drifting along allowing comfort to be my way of life. allowing this world to define so many things for me. but i hope for more. and i still hope for tomorrow's fight for you. the hope that i will seek your face first. that i will put on your armor of grace and mercy and not just wear it for me but also to extend it out.

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