Thursday, January 1, 2009

the loneliness

lord, i know this lonely feeling is you. it is your whisper in my ear. your gentle nudge at my back. the giver of fullness with your sweet reminder . only you will satisfy. i've heard it called the ache. this feeling in the pit of my stomach. it seems to follow me some days. it won't let me go tonight. it always creeps up when i least expect it. after 2 weeks of family...i feel the ache. the loneliness. the simple reminder that we aren't made for this. this worldly life. we all long for something more. something that will heal our broken heart. or something that will fill the void we try to cram so much into. something that will speak right to our hurt. i always thought the loneliness would disappear after i got married. because i thought loneliness was just lack of someone. but i've come to see that loneliness is lack of you. of your love. of your council. and sometimes i hope its you just telling me that you want some time with me. jesus, i pray that i seek you. that i allow you to fill this void i describe. that i know that this loneliness just means that you are out there. that it means that i am seeking after you to be my something more. you are the broken heart healer. and the void filler. the right answer to our hurt. thank you that you remind me that this world that is not right. and that you are right. you are the only thing that is right. thank you that you are the cure for the loneliness.

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