Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am reminded of your sweet love for me for some reason. And how it sneaks in. Into my hard heart. My earthly mind. The air smells so pure as spring is easing in out my window. Sometimes it’s hard to remember you are out there in that noisy world. In the everyday. I see you and seek you instantly in my quiet room…when the air is just right. My bed is soft and there is no one around. When everything is so perfect, it’s so easy. How quickly I forgot about that one in Africa, although I said I would never forget him. He is definitely not in his own bed where everything is perfect. Yet his faith was so strong. So hopeful. So joyful. So in love with you. So where is the disconnect? Maybe you are all he has and I am surrounded by all the things the world tells me I can’t live without. Maybe all the things we have and all the times we can’t get enough are really too much. Maybe our love for things, possessions, and success clouds our view of real unconditional love. Love from a real Father. A real Father that never leaves, always loves and longs to be with us. Not the father that we are stuck with. Or in a life we can’t seem to get out of. He is that perfect love among the too much and the not enough. So how do I get out of the me and just be with you?

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