Monday, October 27, 2008

we cheapen love

we cheapen love. we reduce it to a pair of shoes. or our favorite pair of jeans. we lessen it so much that to speak of god's love with the same word is like speaking a different language. we use love as a weapon. we use it for manipulation and bribery. we wear it on our earthly bodies as suits to hurl our emotions on each other. we mock love as we lie to our friends...our brothers and sisters. we minimize love into the shape of a heart that tastes of chalk on a holiday in february. love. love. love. we don't know what love is. yet we take it every morning like our morning cup of coffee from our creator. we take it. and take it. and take it. even after all this He gives and gives and gives. without a doubt in His mind that we are worthy enough to sacrifice His own son. we know nothing of love on this earth. we know nothing of anything yet we are made whole if we would just let Him love us.

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