Wednesday, October 29, 2008


jesus prayed for us to be entirely Yours (john 17). that is my prayer. to be entirely in You. i can't imagine how differently my life would look. i feel like i live a double life at times. trying to straddle the world and godliness. sin and redemption. happiness and joy. the difference is immense. but living it is the real battle. i guess it's really only because of the ache for real life in the midst of worldly life. real life. godliness over the world. redemption over sin. and joy over just being happy. even the mere taste of these things is so sweet. i can't help but long for more. i guess its the choices that trip me up. there are so many choices and only one that will satisfy. its such a tricky thing. an evil game. the choices seem to conform to our reckless, empty desires. the right now fix, instead of the soul curing fix. the almost full instead of the entirely whole. the happy for now instead of the joy for ever. how often i say yes to the world and no to godliness. even though that sweet taste of it lingers, somehow i still say no to it. seeking the band-aid instead of the cure. but jesus came so we could be entirely in You. he died so we could be cured. so that we could have joy instead of happiness, redemption instead of sin. and so that instead of being of the world, we could claim godliness. to claim it. to wear it. to choose it. to live it. to be it. for us to be in you. entirely.

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