Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas with grams, pops and jenny

i have so many good christmas pictures so i'll just try to hit the highlights of our different celebrations. it was a pretty disjointed christmas this year with my mom in the hospital. so grams and pops and aunt jenny came to us this year. thanks for that!

i had sweet memories of harper 2 christmases ago when she was huck's age when i looked at this picture. harper loved all the paper and ribbons. he sure didn't eat paper like harper did. different strokes for different folks.

this clifford was a huge hit in our house this year. and the books too! (thanks cindy)

we were really excited when huck opened up this tee ball set. i mean, get out. it is too cute.

i could hardly wait for harper to open her new play kitchen. grams had it delivered to our house and it was all i could do to keep it in the box.
thanks to jenny for being the photographer so we could be in the middle of the action. i'm sad i don't have any pictures of grams, pops and aunt jenny with the kiddos. add it to my list of things to fine tune for next year.

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