Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas morning

we have loved being at home christmas morning. especially as harper becomes more and more aware of what christmas is about. this is what i hope i remember from christmas morning.

this is christmas eve. sorry i'm not sorry that our kids are so cute.

huck got his own set of keys. these things are genius. they finally figured out to make them out of metal instead of plastic. when are mom's going to be designing these things?

THE pink tutu. when harper sat on santa's lap and he asked her what she wanted for christmas, she said a pink tutu. obviously he had to deliver.

harper got some rain boots. the first thing she asked the morning after christmas once she rolled out of bed was to put on her pink boots. she loves them.

harper loves the movie cars. she still hasn't quite figured out how to work lighting mcqueen and mater that santa brought.
if you are wondering why i look so tired in that last pic...well, i yikes.

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