Friday, March 6, 2009

my cup of blessing

'you are my cup of blessing.' i love that from psalm 16. it also says that you alone are my inheritance. i will inherit holiness. righteousness. joy. peace. love. goodness. because of the cross, i do not reap what i sow. in 1 peter 2 it says 'by his wounds, you have been healed.' because of your wounds, i inherit holiness. i am humbled by the whole picture in 1 peter 2. that you were insulted and you suffered. but you didn't retaliate. you didn't even try to prove who you really are. it says 'instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.' it was as simple as that. you did what i am called to do, but struggle messily to fulfill. to live for something bigger than this world. to entrust in god. instead of proving how worthy i just entrust in god. to just receive my cup of blessing. and the reward is extravagant. my inheritance is you. there aren't many things in this life that are truly extravagant. this worldly life does get turned into proving yourself. to retaliation. but really there IS extravagance. there is holy. peace. love. you are the cup of blessing. that is the extravagance that i want to live for. lord, you are my inheritance. let that alone be enough for me.

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