Sunday, March 29, 2009

my sweet girl

life is definitely different. as i stumble through this complete life shift due to a lack of sleep, i still look at this little girl with a sense of wonder, awe and pure love. this is the love that god loves us with. this little girl can't even hold her own head up, she can't speak, can't tell me what she wants and she definitely can't do anything for me, yet my love for her is so full. she keeps me up in the middle of the night, she cries as i am trying to comfort her, and she is so needy. but it doesn't matter. none of those things matter. my love for her grows all the same. this is the picture of jesus' love. in the things we cry through, struggle through and are so needy through, jesus loves us all the same. the same sense of wonder, awe and pure love. the giver of love.

sweet girl

after a tearful bath!

in her recliner...

with her mimi

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