Friday, February 27, 2009

your long journey.

i love the picture of jesus that i got today. the tireless savior. jesus, you were relentless. after a long journey of countless miracles that span a variety of things like healing the blind and bringing salvation to Zaccheus' home, after all this you were still not hopeless enough to give up on us. after seeing how much we need, take, use and want, you continued on. nothing caused you to quit. nothing was too much. in spite of all this, you didn't change your journey...your life. i am amazed at your faithfulness to us. to me. your selflessness and your understanding of god's will. lord, i pray for this diligence. this discipline. this trust. this faithfulness. i pray for understanding to know god's will for me enough to not stray from my own journey. i pray that i can finally trust that you are good. for the wisdom to seek the real you and not my own thoughts about who you should be in my life. but mainly, i pray for a faithfulness that may finally embrace you. jesus, allow me to rest in you. to really let go of me and be in you. lord, you long for my whole heart. you long for complete dying to myself so that i can fully experience your glory. your love. your eden that you have for me. lord, i know your truth. and i know it is the giver of life. fill me with your life. take my mind by force so that i can fully embrace who you really are. i long for your safe arms of righteousness and holiness. i long to be fully yours.

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