Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orlando // YL ASC2012

Big thanks to David's parents for coming to Nashville to hang with our kiddos 2 weeks ago so that we could go to Orlando. If you have kids you know that it's a huge gift to not have to pack bags and uproot your kids for a week. Thank you thank you Grams and Pops!!!

We went to Young Life's All Staff conference in Orlando. Every 4 years, YL has a staff conference for everyone on YL staff. YL spoils us. It's extravagant and fun and funny and you reconnect with friends (very close friends) from all over. We are refocused on this mission that we get to be apart of. We are reminded that what we are doing is a big deal. That we are winning kids to Christ and seeking hard after lost high schoolers that need Jesus. I can't even explain how awesome it is. Here is a quick shotgun blurb about our week.

Tim Keller :: Hogwarts :: Seaworld (They rented out the ENTIRE park for us) :: Francis Chan :: Magic Kingdom :: YL swag (free jackets) :: Cash family band :: Jeff Foxworthy :: Brandon Heath :: 22 people in a van :: 75 degree weather in Jan (lots of time at the pool)

On the day we went to Disney parks we all loaded up in 1 van...22 of us.

p.s. I got the highest score possible on the Buzz Lightyear game. No bigs.

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