Friday, February 24, 2012

Huck is 1!

I can't believe that it's already been a full year since Huck was born. Where did the time go?

Sweet Huck...this is what you are up to at 1:
-You LOVE eating. There aren't many foods that you don't like. But your favorites are: YOGURT, grapes, strawberries, really any fruit. You LOVE LOVE apple juice.
-You love music. We love watching you dance when music comes on.
-Peek-a-boo, playing on the stairs, climbing on top of things, swinging
-You don't like when things are taken from you (who does?!)
-You are giving kisses.

-We think you are saying Dadda and Momma
-Crawling like a speed demon but could care less about walking. And you are pulling up on everything.
-You do THIS a lot with your bottom lip.

-You love bath time and being outside and anytime your sister gives you any type of attention.
-It's obvious I'm your favorite. FINALLY...One that loves me the most!
You have the sweetest smile and such a sweet little spirit. Obviously we think you are the cutest thing going.

PS If you are seeing a little bit of a black eye on littlest otter, you are seeing right. First black eye before age 1.

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