Friday, August 5, 2011

whatever normal is...

Just here reporting from life that is supposed to be back to normal. Whatever normal is. David is back to work. Sad times. We are all very sad about that in the Ott house. Although HE was ready...we are still sad he isn't here all day with us. It has been a little bit of culture shock for me. It is the first time I have had to do 2 kids and work from home. I had to start another job to supplement the cut back on hours that my boss gave me. Luckily it came during David's sabbatical because the transition was harder than I thought it would be. I have been doing my other job in the music biz for almost 7 years. Wowza. So I can just do it...almost in my sleep sometimes. And now...add 1 more kid and 1 more thing for my brain to do. OVERLOAD. Needless to say...I am behind yet again on my blogging. I have some fun pictures to add and some recipes too! We had some fun happenings this summer, but I am currently putting in my 28ish hour work week where ever I can. ;-) Huck is close to being on a schedule, which has been helping a lot. The little booger is still screaming when he goes down some, but we are close. So close. Here's to hoping that it will cool off REALLY soon so that we can all get out our energy outside instead of the house looking like a tornado all day everyday. Thank you to the iPhone today for making my work day a little bit easier. The silver lining of all the stress jumping back into everyday is that we had such a fun summer as a family with lots of down time. And I'm just sitting here working / blogging while Huck is napping and Harper is quietly coloring. That is a BIG feat for Harp! I'll post new stuff soon. Happy almost weekend!

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