Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the mustache

i *had* to post this so that we remembered it in all it's glory. harper has never been attached to a blanket or a lovey. she loves to suck her thumb (even after the many attempts to make her a paci baby instead). and her favorite thing is her HAIR. her pulls her hair from either the front (her bangs) and brings it to a point over her nose. like this:

or she pulls it from the side and puts it over her mouth like a mustache. like so:

i'm not sure how we are ever going to get her to stop sucking her thumb. we may just have to give her a bob so that all that hair is gone!

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Megan Stephens said...

harper, you're the funniest and coolest 2-year-old! the bob would be so frustrating for her! haha! but i think it'd do the trick. can't wait to see those pics :)