Wednesday, March 9, 2011

happy 2 weeks to b hut.

happy 2 weeks to huck! this is what happens when we try to do tummy time. sleeping. and when he is supposed to be eating...he is doing this. sleeping. but i'm NOT complaining.

harper loves to take pictues of huck with her phone. it's funny to think of her never knowing life without cell phones and computers and her main way to take pictures to be from a cell phone. a beauty and the beast pink one at that. :-) anyway, she was just sitting next to huck's seat saying 'picture' as she snapped away some serious pics of 'b hut' and she refers to him. sometimes he is baby. sometimes he is hut. but normally it is b hut. so cute. not sure when we will get that letter K, but until then, b hut it is!

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