Monday, March 28, 2011

big birthday week!!

harper had a big birthday week! she got her first bike. and she is ALMOST tall enough to reach the pedals.

we had a really fun birthday party at our house with about 10 of harper's friends and lots of family. i'll post some of those pics when i get some good ones. she loved the cupcakes!

just taking her little people out for a sunday stroll in her new car. thanks tom, mrs kelly and mr aaron!

every birthday girl needs a tiara! thank michelle, abby and hailey!

In other news, this little bean is finally not screaming bloody murder when we give him a bath.

we are really hoping this weather will finally turn into spring so that we can get back to the park!

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lindseylu. said...

literally thought that was an old pic of Harper.... nope. just her late twin.