Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cut and paste

'and there is something profoundly humbling about knowing god. i'm not talking about the trinket god or the genie in a bottle god, i mean the god who invented the tree in my front yard, the beauty in my sweet heart, the taste of a blueberry, the violence of a river at flood.' f.b.
-god is the creator of beauty. we have a paradise at our finger tips. love. the stars. the moonlight. generosity. laughter. grace. redemption. beauty is nature and forgiveness. beauty is wonder and passion. beauty is clouds and sky. beauty is kindness and obedience. you created beauty. the heavenly. the holy. open my eyes to the beauty you have put around me. show the beauty that is a gift for me. reveal the beauty in the things i miss around me. teach me the works of your hands. come to my heart as the big god that you are and let me let go of the god i continue to try to cut and paste into my own will. into my world. your will is beauty. let my will be dust.

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