Wednesday, March 28, 2012

poppi's birthday

here is my dad. our poppi.

it was his birthday. we love an excuse for cupcakes in our house. we also love an excuse to celebrate poppi. harper LOVES her poppi. there is something about watching your parents love your kids that is so sweet. and then obviously watching your kids love them back.

here are our top 5 reasons we love poppi:
1-he is a great babysitter (and FREE). he plays playdough, plays hide and seek, does airplane, hangs the kids by their feet. you name it, poppi will do it. ALL day. he does not tire of playing.
2-he is our free financial advisor.
3-he loves the lord. i saw him live this out every hour as we waited on the lord to answer with my mom at vanderbilt. he has amazing faith.
4-he loves us. he is always trying to do stuff for us or give us stuff (i think that is his love language). my house is always cleaner when he leaves. my belly is always more full after spending time with him. he normally has a new plan for what to do in a room in my house. i was just enjoying play time out on our deck with my kids in the beautiful weather thanks to the gate he built for us. he just wants the best for us, always no matter what the cost or effort on his part.
5-he loves our mimi. he is by her side always. he takes care of her. he serves her. lord, let us not take for granted your miracles. your answering of prayers. your community of believers that surrounded us in prayer. thank you for giving her back to us. i mean, look how stunning his bride is...

don't tell him that he didn't get a cupcake. he probably assumed everyone was eating animal crackers.

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