Monday, October 3, 2011

best buddies

life has gotten so fun this last month. i feel like we are out of the fog of most of the hard baby stuff. me and david were just talking about how much fun we are having with two. harper is turning into a little girl right before our eyes. david let her have some gum tonight for the first time. and i literally had to pry it out of her mouth to throw it away. she loved it and kept asking me if she could sleep with it. she asks to hold huck all the time now. they both like riding in the wagon together. it is so precious. harper makes huck laugh so much. and huck is so giggly and interactive. and he finally is on a more normal sleeping schedule with just 2 naps. we go to the park down the street at least once a day (normal twice). and this weather has been amazing...gosh, it's dreamy. i'm thankful to work from home with weather like this!

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