Thursday, September 29, 2011

rainbows and ponies

i can't get over this picture. we went to a birthday party a couple weekends ago. harper rode this pony named snuffy. she has talked about snuffy every day since. it started raining, and sure enough my daughter was the one playing in the puddles and the mud. she got her face painted with a rainbow. which she loved because it made her think of the care bears. yes, the care bears are still around! i was shocked that she wanted to ride snuffy. she has been in a 'scared of everything' phase. she is even scared of the light shining through the window onto the wall in the morning. but she got up on the pony like it was nothing. my friend's husband called her a 'renegade'. hahah! i love it. he hasn't seen her squeal over fuzz on the floor that she is convinced is a bug. here's to my little renegade and her pony snuffy.

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