Thursday, April 21, 2011

nashville young life family camp weekend!

we packed up the fam on friday (yay for huck's first road trip!) and drove to young life's sharp top cove for nashville's family camp weekend. i was pumped for hear the speakers. david and kelli pritchard are amazing parents. they have 8 kids...yes, 8 kids. that in it's self is a huge feat...but they are all dreamy. the pritchards hold the market share in my opinion on doing things right with their kids. so i couldn't wait to hear more. david and i heard them last november at a young life marriage conference and i was hooked. i was ready for round 2...especially since we are in the throws of the "terrific two's". i wanted just to even sit next to kelli, in hopes that her joyful heart and amazing parenting powers would rub off on me. you better believe i got her phone number and i ain't scared to use it. kelli...i hope you are ready for me! i have hope that my house will be a place of joy for my kids!! anywho, it was a fun weekend. we got to hang with good friends. make some new friends. and even eat a couple meals in a row as a family...which recently is a crazy thought. ;-) one other thing...if you REALLY know my daughter, you know that she doesn't really like hats. she won't keep them on her head for more than 2 seconds. well, she found this beauty below and would NOT take it off.

dolly parton eat your heart out.

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