Tuesday, April 13, 2010


are you kidding me? i just can't get over her. I have a whole new definition of the word 'love' being on this side of motherhood. i am overwhelmed by my love for her sometimes. but it's a raw emotion. it's unconditional. and giving. and full. harper doesn't know the rules of love. she doesn't know about love languages. and i don't love her because she makes me feel good about myself. or makes me feel beautiful. all the things that i thought were really important. this is what love really is before we mess it up with our expectations and our selfishness. and our sin. this is more the picture of love that god intended for us. pride doesn't get in the way. and neither does my ego. it's this simple, beautiful. it's overwhelming.

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Jack Knott said...

Motherhood leaves you speechless and breathless at times. It is overwhelming of the senses.